PES YP Future Summit

Summit Track 2022


Track 1: Keynote

Power System Dynamics

The transition from electric grids that  interconnected a  well defined  fleet of large steam and gas turbine machines to interconnections of much less  well  defined  fleets  of  electronically  based  machines is well under way.   Questions  arose  as  the transition  was  getting  started  asking whether the operation and control methods that have evolved with the existing electric grids will  be  able  to  control  and  manage  the  new  grid configurations that are now taking shape.    This talk will touch on some of the differences, and some of the similarities between the  grids of the large rotating machine era and the now-emerging electronic grids.   Consideration of these points leads to a view of  how control  equipment and operating practices are likely to evolve.z

Prof. Dr. John Undrill
Research Professor, Arizona State University

Track 2: Keynote

Resilience Value and Metrics of Grid

What is driving our industry to improve performance? As resilience becomes a critical factor for ensuring a reliable grid in the face of significant  change and  increasing  risks, this  presentation   will  provide  an  overview  of  current  state  vs. long-term  strategy  for  managing  the challenge of  measuring resilience, the value it adds to reliability and how to balance the integration of risk, regulatory and customer concerns as   it  evolves. It will  also  discuss general ideas for defining resilience metrics, applying these under differing conditions  (extreme weather, climate related risk) and  how  this  will  benefit the customers of electric power.

Dr. Jessica Bian
President, IEEE Power & Energy Society (PES)

Track 3: Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs from all over the world will join us on this talk show and there will be a live discussion on upskilling professionals by professionals, highlighting advanced technologies, entrepreneurship, and corporate success stories. Also, IEEE Entrepreneur resources will be presented such as IEEE Entrepreneurship Women Support Network on Slack. This in-depth immersion track into entrepreneurship provides an opportunity to meet with CEOs, venture capitalists, business strategies, financial advises, other industry thought leaders, and to personally engage in this unique innovation ecosystem appropriate for your career choice.

Rekha Sharma

Rekha Sharma
Solv4x Inc.

Hira_Wajahat (1)

Hira Wajahat
Programmes & Projects Lead

Track 4: Young Professionals Track

A Panel on Professional Journey

The esteemed panel will share their academic and industrial experience and their journey. This panel will help the fellow attendees to plan their career and take inspiration from the speakers. The track mainly focuses on the overall development of the young professionals.

Photo DanielaPAGNANI

Daniela Pagnani
Industrial PhD at Aalborg University and Ørsted in Denmark

Dr Yue Zhou
Lecturer in Cyber Physical Systems
Cardiff University

Dr Gayan Abeynayake
Power System Specialist at Ørsted

Dr. Jin Zhao
Alexander von Humboldt Researcher at TU Dortmund University, Germany


Track 6: Career Development

Career Switching: A Hurdle or an Advantage?

The participants will be able to answer the following questions by attending this session. Is it ok to change careers? Should I pursue a masters degree? They will be introduced to the Top Soft Skills to Boost Their Career;  Public  Speaking, Leadership,    Mentorship, Networking, and Emotional Intelligence. Discover which ‘career change stage’ you’re at and get an outline of your next best steps.

BCN 4703 Professor Headshot

Eugenio Jaramillo
Distinguished Toastmaster , Toastmasters International

Track 7: Technical

Dynamic Modelling and Simulation of Synchronous Generators

This webinar will  provide  the  background  motivation  and  need  for  dynamic  modelling  and  simulation of   synchronous generators in electric power systems.   It  will  begin with an introduction  to  time  scales  and  the  issues  encountered  with  different  phenomena and applications. It will provide a detailed derivation  and  explanation  of  a  typical  dynamic  model  used in  modern software  in  various  levels of complexity.    It  will provide the same approach to the voltage excitation system that is typically used with synchronous generators. It will also include the same approach to the speed control  of the synchronous generator. 

Prof. Dr. Peter W. Sauer
University of Illinois

Track 8: Industry Track - ABB

Synchronous reluctance motors , Drives and their industrial applications

To elevate the participant experience to the next level, the industrial track aims to showcase the workings and proceedings of the industry as well as acquaint the attendees with the technologies used. The attendees will get an opportunity to understand the industry work culture and the recent research and innovations carried out in the industry. The mission of the session is to make the participants industry ready

Engr. Rashed Alshammari
Motion service segment sales manager
ABB Motion Saudi Arabia

Eng. Thamer Alharbi
Oil and Gas Key Account Manager
ABB Motion Saudi Arabia