PES YP Future Summit

Summit Tracks 2021



Future of Energy

Accelerating innovation in power sector technology, especially in light of the quickly modernizing grid and requirements of our changing energy mix, is incredibly important for all of us. President Biden has established ambitious national climate goals: a carbon pollution-free power sector by 2035, and a net-zero greenhouse gas emissions economy by 2050. And, in the wake of major rolling blackouts and energy emergencies in 2020 and 2021, it’s no secret that today’s electric grid is being pushed to do more than it was originally designed to do. As we invest in grid modernization, we have an opportunity to reshape the electric grid and re-architect both our transmission and our distribution systems. This is an opportunity to be smart about how we invest, innovate, and evolve. DOE’s Office of Electricity Advanced Grid R&D portfolio strives to fund innovations that will support an electric delivery system that manages abundant clean power on a secure, resilient, reliable energy grid.

Michael Pesin
Deputy Assistant Secretary  U.S. Department of Energy


Track 1: Technical

Webinar on “Working with industries on Renewable Energy and Electrification”

Electrical engineering is a key discipline for a net-zero circular economy and numerous market sectors, including industrial drives, automation, robots, domestic appliances, renewable energy, electrified transportation such as electric vehicles, fast trains, more electric aircrafts, and electric ships, etc. This presentation will focus on industrial co-operation on renewable energy and electrification to illustrate the development of new research concepts, novel enabling technologies, and their impact on successful commercial applications, with particular emphasis on permanent magnet machines and drive systems. His own worked examples will be used for building the bridges among the government and industrial funding, fundamental and applied research, as well as R&D and commercial exploitation.

Professor Z.Q. Zhu
University of Sheffield, UK

Track 2: Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship in Power and Energy

Entrepreneurs from all over the world will join us on this talk show and there will be a live discussion on  upskilling professionals by professionals, highlighting advanced technologies, entrepreneurship, and corporate success stories.  This in-depth immersion track into entrepreneurship provides an opportunity to meet with CEOs, venture capitalists, other industry thought leaders, and to personally engage in this unique innovation ecosystem appropriate for your career choice.

Janati Nakimera
Chief Executive Officer
Solar Net Metering Uganda

Tim Lui
Chief Technology Officer 
Co-founder, Innoses

Dr. Rashi Gupta
Founder & Managing Director
Vision Mechatronics Private Ltd.

Track 3: Technical/Innovation

Webinar on Power Quality Studies with DIgSILENT PowerFactory

In PowerFactory software, Harmonic Load Flow Analysis and Impedance Frequency Analysis can be used to analyze power grids in terms of power quality. This simulation tool is very appealing to electrical engineers that need to perform reliability assessment that can be carried out for the test systems under study in DIgSILENT Power Factory simulation software. This track discusses, how to determine power quality indices by DIgSILENT PowerFactory in the presence of renewable energy sources

Roozbeh Torkzadeh
Eindhoven University of Technology

Track 4: Women in Power

Role of Women in Recent Renewable Energy Technologies

‘Role of Women in Recent Renewable Energy Technologies’ track discusses four major domains in the power and energy sector: Digitalization,  off-shore wind, Green hydrogen, Energy storage. The track mainly focuses on the rapidly expanding renewable energy space, opportunities for women in this domain, recent advancement in this domain  and how the renewable energy sector can play a crucial role in increasing women’s participation in a growing economy.

Lucy Craig
Senior Vice President Director of Growth, Innovation and Digitalisation DNV Energy Systems

Digitalization in Power and Energy Sector

Vinay Vyas 

ACME Cleantech Solutions

Green Hydrogen

Dr. Rahul Walawalkar
President and MD;
Customized Energy Solutions (India)

Opportunities for R&D and manufacturing of advanced energy storage technologies in India

Dr. Kerry Ann Adamson
Carbon Risk Index Service, Advisian

Blockchain in Energy

Rekha Sharma
Solv4x Inc.

Electric Vehicles &  Its Impact on Grid Integration

Track 5: PES Day

Focusing on the PES DAY Activities, the special webinar will introduce the advantages of being a PES DAY Ambassador and the involvement of Young Professionals! The track also considers the impact of PES Day on the professional community and how the events are designed to meet their need to upskill in their field of interest.

Mercy Chelangat K
PES Day Chair Elect 2022

Track 6: Technical

Enhancing Traveling Wave-Based Applications: Being Adaptive to be Smarter”

Traveling wave-based technologies have gained further notoriety, being nowadays a reality in modern power system monitoring schemes. Traveling wave-base solutions have been studied for decades, but for years, their application has been limited by technological limitations, such as those related to digital fault records time resolution. However, since the advent of the digital technology, sampling rates applied in digital fault recorders and relays have increased, allowing power systems transients to be analyzed in a microsecond time scale. As a result, traveling wave-based technologies have gained further notoriety, being nowadays a reality in modern power system monitoring schemes. In this track, the main motivation to this new generation of adaptive traveling wave-based algorithms will be presented, highlighting lessons learned from recent proposals and from field experiences.

Prof. Felipe Lopes
Universidade Federal da Paraíba (UFPB)